Nur Fındık Önal &
Muhammet Ramoğlu

UX for Connected Home



Muhammet Ramoğlu

Muhammet Ramoğlu works as User Experience / User Interface Designer at Arçelik A.Ş.. He graduated from İstanbul Technical University, Industrial Product Design (BSc) and he is a graduate student in the same program. His research interests are human-computer interaction, usability, design theory and critical design.

Nur Fındık Önal

Nur Fındık Önal works as User Experience / User Interface Designer at Arçelik A.Ş.She received her MSc degree in Design Research for Interaction from METU & Delft University of Technology and BSc degree in Department of Industrial Design from Eastern Mediterranean University. She has been part of various projects focused on design for impact.

Workshop Details

UX for Connected Home Taking the technology as a fastly evolving concept, defining user scenarios is fundamental as a start point for envisioning meaningful experiences. In this workshop, participants will practice dreaming & creating use cases for connected spaces, using fictional scenarios as a tool inspired by future trends.

This Workshop Is Relevant For:

Who? Anyone who is interested in connected & physical products involved in our daily life and their affect on contextual experiences.