R. Dilara Cumhur

Product Designer at foodora


She is an internationally trained Product Designer who nerds out on delivering delightful products and experiences. She loves the challenge of enabling convenience with good design. Her academic background is a mashup of engineering, business and design. She worked with startups and global firms from New York, San Francisco and capitals of Europe. She is currently working as Product designer at foodora in lovely Berlin. When she is not designing, she writes about Design at Harvard Business Review Turkey and facilitates workshops, lectures as well as seminars.


When a product is designed to serve for more than 20 countries with different languages, cultural backgrounds, technological limitations and daily habits, It is no longer enough to translate it from English. There should be a more extensive research and thought process to transform these insights into each element of the product. In her speech, Dilara will cover how to transform these differences into Product Design to localize a global product for different markets.