Giles Colborne

CEO and Founder at cxpartners


Almost ten years on, cxpartners has become one of the most respected UX consultancies in the world. Giles is a former president of the UK UXPA and has organized major conferences and events in UK and US, including the IA Summit 2013. He's an award-winning speaker who is frequently invited to keynote events across Europe, Asia and the US.


Designing Conversations
Is it true that the next generation of user interfaces are conversational interfaces? This presentation looks beyond the hype to examine why conversational interfaces offer new opportunities for swifter more satisfying interaction. It also shines a light on some of the pitfalls into which conversational interfaces can easily fall. It unpacks the psychology of human conversation and shows how you can turn this into design principles for more satisfying user experiences – whether you’re building a conversational user interface or a standard touch UI.