Olcayto Cengiz

Co-founder at Flying Spoon


Olcayto Cengiz, who has worked in the creative teams of many advertising agencies and has won national and international awards in advertising career, started his career in 1996. He left the creative director role in Manajans / J.Walter Thompson Turkey in 2016 and became creative president of the Gamewheel company in Berlin It has come. By the end of 2017; Christian Bittler, who served as CTO at Gamewheel, founded Flying Spoon, a gamification-based game that they positioned as their next generation communications company.


It is a fact that user experience is something that can not be avoided if you are presenting a physical or digital product to the consumers. But, does one UX fits all? In this session 2 gamification expert, Olcayto Cengiz and E.Altuğ Yılmaz, will share their learnings and thoughts about the journey of todays' consumer and why designing a UX for gamification, a “GX", is the key that unlocks new levels in users mindset.