Tina Egolf

Chief Product Officer at Clue


Tina Egolf leads pirate ships (aka product teams). As Clue’s CPO she is currently defining the global product strategy and building the product, growth and monetisation teams for Clue, the #1 mobile app for female health worldwide. Before joining Clue, she took a detour into consulting with ThoughtWorks, worked for Podio as Senior Product Manager, founded and failed with her own social impact startup and sold contemporary art.


It’s the eternal fight: You try to create an amazing user experience but business/product is asking for an MVP that can be released in a couple of weeks. Who wins in such a situation? What do you sacrifice - money, time, UX? Fights have been fought, tears have been shed about this (… well, maybe not literally but you get my point). Let’s talk about a different perspective that hopefully puts an end to this struggle. Understanding what kind of MVP is required in which situation, for which product and how to design for it, is crucial to making the right decisions. It all starts with the question: Why are you building this MVP in the first place?