Lydia Selimalhigazi
& Yvonne Fissel

Process and Collaboration from a Designer's Perspective



Lydia Selimalhigazi

Lydia is a Senior Product Designer and UX/UI Specialist at Zalando (Berlin) with more than 10 years of experience in design. Although she got her start in print/illustration, she has since fallen in love with mobile/web and the opportunities that interaction design offers. She is passionate about user-centric design, design methodologies and believes that every day is a chance to learn or experience something new.

Yvonne Fissel

Yvonne discovered her passion for Agile as an Architect, designing intriguing buildings that people love to live in, get inspired by and yet fulfill their most basic needs. This complexity led her to Agility which ever since became her true north when developing products that customers need and love. Yvonne soon moved to digital products working in Berlin Startups. She is currently working as an Agile Coach at Zalando where she is coaching teams to balance business impact, customer centricity and speed at scale.

Process and collaboration from a designer's perspective

"Ever wondered what role the Designer has in an Agile Team? Is he part of it? Is he outside of it? Is he considered a Stakeholder? In this workshop we will discuss the Designer’s role in an Agile Process and how to work with or in an Agile Team."

What topics will be covered?

Agile, Design, Practical Design Methods, Creative Design Process, Collaboration, Team Dynamics, Discovery Phase Best Practices.

How does this work?

"We will run a simulation with the participants on a concrete Challenge. While going through its phases we will discuss and highlight the Collaboration with other Roles".