M. Can Şahinoglu

Design for Your Mom



M. Can Şahinoğlu

With nearly 10 years of experience in different areas of project management; such as digital communication strategies, digital, viral & guerilla marketing; Can brings his digital-based marketing and communication skills together with user-experience design & optimization to help create more efficient and user-friendly UXs. His current role is UX/UI & Optimization Project Manager at Userspots.

Design for Your Mom

We don’t choose who will use our product. The best we can do is to create a design which provides the optimal solution to the needs of the most. Inspired from Asma Karoobi’s speech at UX Alive 2016, Can will study a new mom-centered design approach to maximise the usability of a product; not only to create the optimal solution to the needs of the most; but a little more than that.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

Anyone, who is related to a product or a design process somehow will find this workshop useful and fun.

Topics for this workshop:

User Experience, Optimization, Product Design