Work of the Future



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Deloitte Digital is an innovative leader in online and mobile strategy, design and development, offering world-class knowledge and resources from the leading global business and technology consultancy.

We work with a wide range of iconic local and global organizations, helping them understand and profit from the online and mobile revolution.

Our focus is on the areas of digital strategy, mobile, social/web, content management and managed services. Underpinned by digital tech architecture, application implementation and development expertise. We approach our work with great energy and passion as we align our client's business aspirations to the goals of the end user.

Mine Dalcı works as a Senior Digital Consultant in Deloitte Digital. She has 7+ years of user experience & digital business development experience in various industries. Major expertise areas include user experience strategy, research & design, digital transformation, digital product development, digital marketing, project management.

Melis Yamaner is UX Designer and Consultant in Deloitte Digital, responsible from the whole digital design process including user research, design and strategy. Melis served in various fields in manufacturing, food services, banking and telecommunication sectors in web platform design, customer experience and digital transformation projects.

Buse Canlı is a Business Analyst in Strategy and Operations service line of Deloitte Consulting. She is experienced in digital transformation road mapping, digital supply chain projects and IoT workshops in retail, logistics, consumer products and manufacturing industries.

Work of the Future

How we think directly affects whether we'll arrive at innovative and impactful solutions. The intent of this workshop is for participants to learn their way into a solution under the theme of “Work of the Future”. In the world of technology, automation, artificial intelligence and cloud solutions, we can think about what we would like to change and adapt… about new approaches for helping people get the information and skills they want, for new ways of working and creating work places. We will use design thinking approach to make a difference in the work of the future.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

Anyone who wants to know about human-centered, creative problem solving approach

Topics for this workshop:

Design Thinking, Ideation, Human – Centered Design, Work Of The Future