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You’ll have a chance to look under the hood at UX best practices and successful examples at UX Alive 16. This year sessions will be coordinated in two different concepts; “How is it made” session and “Strategy” session. Specialists in their field will explain the secrets of success at Content Strategy, Web Psychology, Optimisation, Product Marketing, and other hot topics.

What They Said About UX Alive?

This year’s UX Alive isn’t my first one, and knowing how well it was organized last year, I’m very much looking forward to returning to Istanbul this year! I know UX Alive as a professional event which is respected and valued in the community. Vitaly Friedman from Smashing Magazine
I’m really excited about UX Alive! Istanbul is a city of wanted to visit for a very long time, and I finally have the chance. More so, the mix of speakers will introduce me to people I wouldn’t normally see at Australian or US conferences. And then, of course, the attendees will be from places I never get to see. Steve Baty from Meld Studios
I’m pretty excited! I’m looking forward to the conference and getting to meet the coordinators and other speakers. Laurissa from MailChimp