Yury Vetrov

Gamification Consultant


After graduate from Mathematical Engineering he worked for Netron and BilgeAdam as a Trainer. He was responsible for Turkcell Educational platforms more than 5 years at Turkcell Academy. He is the author of first Turkish gamification book : 'Herkes için Oyunlaştırma' and Gamification Federation GamFED's Turkey representer. He is blogging about gamification at his blog : www.oyunlastirma.co. He is one and only Turkish person got invite and gave speech at Gamification World Congress GWC16 at Madrid,Spain. He is doing lecturing at Bahçeşehir University and doing gamification consultancy for companies.


Altug Yilmaz and Akar Sumset will explain us why gamification shouldn't feel like games. Altug will tell us what fun actually is. He'll talk about the history of games, types of fun and player types. Akar will build on this and show us surprising modern examples of gamification. He'll explain why it works the best when it feels least like a game from a UX perspective.