Derrick Fountain

Head of Product


Derrick Fountain is a global digital product leader with over 18 years of experience leading the design, development and launch of bold, courageous and award-winning products in the US, Middle East, Africa and Turkey. His early writings on UX strategy and the future of media dating back to 2009 can be found on his personal website In his current role, Derrick is the Head of Product and R&D at TRT World, a new international English language news channel based in Istanbul. He is also the founder of Eagle Falcon Shirtmakers and co-founder of a location-based app startup in Qatar.


The original intent of technology was to augment human intellect. Artificial intelligence represents one of the biggest leaps forward in this regard. However, as technology becomes more human, what will augment technology? This talk will further explore the concepts the invisible future of design.