Engin Ayaz

Co-founder, Head of Design at ATÖLYE


After graduating from Istanbul German High School, Engin completed his BS degrees at Stanford University in Architectural Design and Civil and Environmental Engineering. As the co-founder of ATÖLYE, Engin is leading design projects at all scales, ranging from digital design to products and spaces. Between 2013-2016, Engin also worked as an adjunct instructor in Bilgi University, Faculty of Architecture.


In the world of ubiquitous digital technologies, the physical environment and its relationship to the digital matter becomes ever more complex, also framed as a 'phygital' world. Affordances of screens, buttons and actuators are enmeshed with affordances of vista points, door knobs and acoustic surfaces. As a result, the digital designer needs to become more well-versed in architecture to create a holistic customer journey. In this talk, Engin will share theoretical perspectives on this issue along with global and local benchmarks to help create enhanced phygital experiences.