Engin Ayaz

Co-founder, Head of Design at ATÖLYE


After graduating from Istanbul German High School, he completed his BS degrees at Stanford University in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architectural Design. He took on the role of teaching assistantship in California College of Arts and Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design programs. Recently he got his MPS in interactive design, media arts and interactive installations from Tisch School of Arts ITP of New York University. Besides ATÖLYE, he is an adjunct professor in Bilgi University, Faculty of Architecture.


In this talk, Engin, ATÖLYE's Co-founder and Head of Design, will share insights from constructing and adjusting this complex system by using various design levers, be it architecture, product design, interface design, service design or communication design. Combined, these levers serve to operate a model that is not seeking for maximum growth, but density and impact.