Gabor Toth

Head of Marketing and Sales


Gabor has been working with Gravity since the successful cooperation between his management consultancy firm and Gravity R&D in 2014. He has 21 years of business development, new technology launch and sales operations leadership experience in a range of industries as top manager in his former positions at Procter & Gamble, Metro Cash & Carry.


Not only do customers have certain expectations of the customer shopping process. Through technology, they can now control the shopping process more than ever before. The digital era has also handed additional power to them, including more choice and increased access to information. Empowered by social networks and their digital devices, consumers are increasingly dictating what they want, when and where they want it. As the competition for consumers’ attention intensifies, it has never been more difficult for businesses to engage with their consumers. This is in part due to the overwhelming number of unsolicited messages consumers receive which could ultimately result in damage to the brand.