Hannes Robier

Chair & Organiser at World Usability Congress


Hannes Robier is the founder of the usability and user experience-consulting agency youspi GmbH, as well as organizer of the World Usability Congress. He has worked in the field of User Experience, Customer Experience, Usability and Service Design for more than 10 years, consulting organizations of all sizes and various industries.


Is it magic or a jack of all trades? The Needs Innovation Model can best be understood as a combination of various established concepts, models and maps, aiming to provide a holistic and reliable way to achieve long-lasting success on the market. The NI©Model was created to help practitioners gather and assess a comprehensive set of customer needs, thereby determining the critical areas for improvement. In order to identify customer needs and opportunities for value improvement the NI©Model analyses the “Main task & the surrounding journey” that customers are trying to get complete when they use products, services or interact with a company.