James O’Brien

UX Consultant


James O’Brien is a Freelance UX Consultant working in London. Over the past 15 years he has worked with around 50 different clients from one-person startups to the world’s biggest media organisations, giving him an unusually broad perspective on the process of building digital products.


Using Cynefin to estimate design effort
One of the greatest difficulties in aligning Agile development with UX is that design and delivery effort are disconnected. Agile teams are used to giving estimates ahead of development, but designers traditionally don't know whether something's done until it's done. The Cynefin model allows us to approach design challenges according to the complexity of the problem they solve, offering context and visibility to the rest of the team. In the talk he introduced the Cynefin model and explained how to introduce it to your business, and demonstrated how to map some common design challenges against it.