Matthew Magain

Chief Doodler at Sketch Videos


Matthew Magain is the founder of Sketch Videos (, a small animation studio based in Melbourne, Australia. He and his team create hand-drawn videos for clients like Australia Post, AustralianSuper, Australian Unity, the Australian Labor Party, and even a few that don’t have the word “Australia” in them. An award-winning designer and illustrator, Matthew is also the co-founder of UX Mastery (, an online community for aspiring UX designers.


The ‘UX’ umbrella is vast, which is a good thing for those of us who are still not sure what we want to be when we grow up! The necessity for designers to become generalists can open up numerous doors. But you have to be prepared to recognise them—and actually open them. In the talk, He shared his own career journey: from programmer, to designer, to illustrator, to animator, to business owner. And he reflected on some lessons learned, to help you architect a successful and rewarding career of your own.