Mikael Gummerus

CEO & Founder at Frosmo


Mikael Gummerus is a CEO and founder of FROSMO, the forerunner in Single Tag based UI improvement methodology. Since 2008 Frosmo has grown to over 100 employees and works with customers like Decathlon, Mediamarkt, Finnair and TUI. Mikael is also a co-founder and chairman of the board of Dodreams mobile game studio with hit-game Drive Ahead!. Before entrepreneurship Mikael worked at Fremantle Media, a part of Bertelsmann group.


Creating an omnichannel experience is still a major challenge for most companies. It will be very critical in the future to offer a seamless experience across different screens and both offline and online as the amount of screens continue to grow in our lives. Mikael will deliver an inspiring and thought provoking presentation about what the future holds for digital consumer businesses, covering the challenge of creating an omnichannel experience, the importance of User Experience and how new business models are creating disruptions.