Raffaela Rein

CEO and Co-Founder at CareerFoundry


Raffaela Rein is the CEO and Co-Founder of CareerFoundry, one of the leading online schools for UX Training, and theUXSchool, a movement in ‘Human-Centred’ Design. Raffaela is a UX Strategist, and is dedicated to educating the next generation of digital talent, helping people build a career they love and promoting why "UX-led" companies build more successful products.


If you’re an experienced UX Designer then chances are you were doing UX before it was even called ‘UX’, and you’ve probably either learned on-the-job, or are self taught, but as demand for UX Designers rises, the education sector must now take notice. Raffaela will share her insights from what the Ed-Tech space is doing now to fill the skills gap, and what we can expect to see happening in the education sector as it catches up and attempts to meet demand with supply of these much needed skills and talk about what UX-learners, and anyone recruiting UX Designers, should know about these changes, and how they can be equipped for what’s to come.