Skali Skalska

Head of Product Design


Multifunctional creative human being for whom doing impossible takes just slightly longer. Pixel perfect freak and color lover. Currently is doing her best as Head of Product Design at foodora. Meeting challenges of everyday life in tech team environment helped her grow thick skin for advocating user needs and design importance in company goals. Strives for data driven design, beautiful interfaces and including developers, product managers and content people in design decision. When she is not designing she is balancing on one inch line 30 meters above the ground or teaching others how to ski.


When a product is designed to serve for ten to twenty different countries with different languages, cultural backgrounds, technology limitations and habits, it is no longer enough to offer a product that is only translated from English. There are deeper research, analysis and thought process needed to bring down to each element of the product. In presentation Skali will cover anything from language, trough typographic rules, colors and symbols to localizing content for different markets.