Songül Aslantürk

Product Design Lead


Songul Aslanturk is a Google product design lead who creates innovations in hyper-local moment markets and connected learning spaces. Prior to joining Google, she was Experience Design Director at G20 Media, where she leveraged futurists, engineers and story-tellers to build physical space interactives and immersive experiences.


Moonshot projects are taking off at GoogleX Lab and other tech giants. Project Loon, Driverless Car, and Life Sciences initiatives are futuristic. And soon Tesla (Elon Musk planning SpaceX mission to Mars by 2018) will start flying people to Mars. Is future too far or are we in it? How can we shift our design thinking from what is needed for today to what will be used in the future to innovate constantly? Looking at our demands and issues today, can we innovate for future and design the travel experience to Mars?