Gabor Toth &
Bottyán Németh

Why do most brands fail to embrace personalization today?



Gabor Toth & Bottyán Németh - Why do most brands fail to embrace personalization today?

Gabor Toth

Gábor has been working with Gravity since the successful cooperation between his management consultancy firm and Gravity R&D in 2014. He has 21 years of business development, new technology launch and sales operations leadership experience in a range of industries as top manager in his former positions at Procter & Gamble, Metro Cash & Carry, and Hungarian Telekom.

As a Managing Director of Gravity Bricks&Mortar, subsidiary of Gravity R&D he had a significant role in creating a global partnership with Deloitte Digital in June 2016 to commercialize and implement the products of Gravity B&M for retail, telecommunication and banking industry worldwide. Since October 2016 he is working as Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Gravity R&D.

Bottyán Németh

Bottyán Németh is the product owner and one of the founders of Yusp. As founder he has been working originally as a data miner and currently as leader of the product development at the company.

He was member of the data mining team Gravity which finished (tied) with the highest performance in the Netflix Prize which was the most reputable open competition for the best collaborative filtering algorithms. He also contributed to winning the innovation award ICMA "Show Me the Money Prize".

His main interest is large scale machine learning and he is constantly focusing on how to use machine learning and data mining techniques in real life problems and how to productize these solutions. Previously, after finishing his MSc in computer science he worked for a couple of years in the field of natural language understanding as a researcher and developer.

Workshop Details

One tenant of great user experiences is “personalization,” the latest shiny-item that tops both marketer and CX priority lists as it promises to deliver on consumers rising expectations of brand experiences. During this workshop it will be discussed why do most brands fail to embrace personalization today, also the current state of personalization applications, and how brands can approach it strategically to enhance their personalization efforts and truly solve customer problems.