Mert Kütükoğlu

Prototyping A Hypothesis



Mert Kütükoğlu

Once he gets into digital product world almost 5 years ago, he started to realize how the UX process resembles design thinking process.

He had a chance to work with 20+ startups at one of the most important entrepreneurship acceleration centres in Turkey. Meanwhile, he mentored and trained different topics such as Design Thinking, UX, 2D Design, 3D Design, Basic Coding and Electronics.

Nowadays, he works as User Experience Designer and UX & Design Thinking Trainer at Userspots.

Prototyping A Hypothesis

In this workshop the participants will use design thinking methodology to do a problem analysis in accordance with the subject given to them whilst experiencing persona creation through user interviews. They will also have the chance to share the ideas via role playing which is one of the rapid prototyping methods.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

Designers, Anyone who wants to think like designers, entrepreneurs

Topics for this workshop:

Design Thinking, Fast Prototyping, Idea Validation