Muzaffer Akay

The Hunger For Data Visualization



Muzaffer Akay - The Hunger For Data Visualization

Muzaffer Akay

Muzaffer is a UX Consultant at Deloitte Turkey. Started his UX career as a user researcher, kept on as an interaction designer and now he takes responsibilities on every step of "Digital Services” projects. Has experience working on many different interfaces for various devices including Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, ATM. He was a speaker at UX Alive 2016, talking on digital prototyping.

Workshop Details

It is said that “Data is the new oil” but it won’t be good for anything unless it can be interpreted. With this workshop we will focus on how to read, understand and visualize data. What are the key points in visualizing a list of numbers which most people can’t make sense of? We will go over some examples to see some but will exercise as a group mostly to do more and learn more. At the end of the day, we'll see if anyone from any profession at least have some idea about your pie chart presentation.