Panagiotis Zaharias

Measuring UX: Methods, metrics and tools

A laptop will be required to complete online tasks.



Panagiotis Zaharias

Dr. Panagiotis Zaharias started his career as an academic UX researcher pursuing a PhD in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). He worked in several European research projects and after the completion of the PhD degree, he started teaching in Universities in Greece and Cyprus. In parallel he started to provide consulting services on UX Research & Design as a freelancer working with several companies and startups. He is a published author (60+ scientific papers and book chapters) and a frequent speaker at several national and international conferences, workshops and UX-related events. He recently founded “theUXProdigy” a new UX agency that provides end-to-end UX services + training for professionals and companies on UX & digital product design topics.

Measuring UX: Methods, metrics and tools

When it comes to UX design effectiveness we should not rely on opinions. We need to provide evidence if a digital product is usable or if a new design is better than a previous one. In the world of digital design an interface is good only if it’s measurably good. As Lord Kelvin said, “If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it”. Therefore it is crucial to know what to measure, how to measure it, how to communicate the results, what kind of tools we can employ to support us in this challenging task.

This workshop provides a crash course on popular methods, metrics and tools that help companies and product design teams to measure UX. The appropriate theoretical background will be combined with practical exercises with the use of some popular commercial UX tools. 

No need for any special prerequisites or previous knowledge on UX evaluation or measurement to attend.

In this workshop you will learn: 

Important factors to choose between the types of UX measurement.
The basics of the most important methods for UX measurement.
The essential UX metrics.
The structure and components of a good measurement plan.
How to run some typical UX measurement studies with the support of some of well-known market tools.


Introduction - Goals & objectives of the course

Intro to UX measurement:
Types of measurement and UX goals
Preparing a plan for measurement

Implementing UX measurement:
Popular UX Methods and essential UX Metrics
Software Tools for measuring UX


Practical exercises with the use of tools
Closing & Next steps